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About Me

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. ~Mahatma Gandhi

About Robin Joy…

I am a nurturer by nature. Joy is not just inherent in my name~ it is part of my personality. Being joyful, like happiness, is a conscious choice that I choose everyday.


Connecting with Spirit and knowing that something bigger than ourselves is guiding each of us on our own personal journey is, for me, like taking in oxygen when I breathe. Trusting that my Higher Self is with me every step of the way feels supportive and gives me inner peace as I navigate through the highs and lows of everyday life.

My journey…

My journey as a healer continued in college as my friends would line up for a stress releasing neck and back rub during finals week and it never even phased me that I had a gift for facilitating healing. Although I started on a different path and was a communications major heading for the corporate world, after college I listened to my heart and spirit which was guiding me into the path of healing and massage. I then enrolled in massage training at the Swedish Institute of Massage in NYC. I started working at a lymphedema clinic I NYC and then went into private practice. My education continued and expanded as I learned new healing modalities: hot stones, deep tissue fascia release, foot reflexology, prenatal massage, essential oils, and probably the most significant and life changing for me, Marconic Energy. 


My extensive hands-on training combined with my own inner guidance, assisted my clients to make quantum shifts in their perceived realities.  It has always been my intention in each healing session to create balance within my client’s energy field. It is at this zero state (think of a blank slate) that deeper healing can be experienced.


Life happens.


In 2008 I started having recurring joint pain at the same that my father was dealing with the final stages of cancer. He was helping me figure out a plan B for my career and offered to pay for Interior Design School when I expressed it was something that interested me. I enjoyed the process of learning again at this stage of my life and was filled with joy that it had ignited a new spark of creativity that I never even realized I had. Much to my surprise reading blueprints and drawings was something I delighted in and I was hooked!


My career took an interesting turn after those on the East Coast of the US experienced what was known as Super Storm Sandy, a mega hurricane that took a direct hit not far from my home in 2012. I had graduated from Interior Design School so my training and skills were now needed and in high demand as people were redesigning their homes after much damage. My massage clients became my interior design clients. 


My work evolution continued when I was introduced to Marconics from my Feng Shui teacher which sparked my curiosity. I got energetic activations so strongly in my body which confirmed that I had to pursue what was next.  I immediately signed up for the Level 1 Practitioner No-Touch Training and then soon after signed up for the higher-level trainings. In 2018 I was inspired and “heard the call” to step in as a teacher and then was promoted to Master Teacher in 2021. I feel that everything I’ve done in my life up until this time has prepared and led me to this role. I not only aligned with my life mission, but I was fulfilling my soul contract as well as to why I came here in the first place.  I really feel this why I came into this life and what I am supposed to share with the world in preparation for Ascension.

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