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Robin's Muses:

Be yourself;  everyone else is already taken.

~ Oscar Wilde

Bubble of Protection

We are living in very auspicious times and the energies that are surrounding us individually and around Planet Earth can feel intensely uncomfortable and out of our control. For the most part they are not in our control for there is a Universal Intelligence that oversees the bigger picture.

In fact, the only aspect of the process we do have control of is how we choose to react to life’s circumstances. This means we must take 100% responsibility for ourselves. As a result of this vibrational shift that is occurring, our thoughts, actions and spoken words have a greater influence on the collective unconscious than ever before.

If we want peace for the world, we must be at peace in ourselves.

Trust that the universe is always with you co-planning your next move. The key is to quiet the mind and listen to the universal messages that are being presented to us. Sometimes we hear the messages come through during meditation, while other times these messages may come to us as a gut feeling or by way of inspirational thoughts through journaling.

To help you feel safe in these uncertain times, stay energetically cleansed and surround yourself in a bubble of protection.

When we figure out that we aren't the victims, but rather active participants in our own play, the quicker we will feel less trapped and out of control. For you see, life doesn't happen to us, life is happening because of us. Each of us is here for a particular purpose and it takes an awareness of the essence of who you truly are in the Universal Way to figure out what that purpose is. Now, more than ever, is the time to be in our power.

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