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It would be an honor for me to help you achieve a sense of well-being for your self.

Make your home a transmitter of luminous spirit and energy that can not only transmit to you,
but also to 
your neighbor, your block, your community and way beyond...

Every space we occupy should be considered sacred space... be it our bodies, our homes, place of business and even our cars. With that comes a responsibility to keep these areas free of clutter, clean and healthily nourished. 

With a clear intention, you can create sacred space in all areas of your life with the integration of Space Clearing, Interior Design and Feng Shui principles.


Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we infuse our living spaces with a strong sense of cosmic order.

Homes can be places of healing and regeneration and as we are all adjusting to a new vibrational reality, it is important that we pay attention to our internal and external environments.


Not only can your home heal and nourish you, but when in balance, your home can radiate peace and calmness to help others who enter it.

Sacred Spaces

What is Interior Design?  

Decorating a room, entire home or business office involves more than just choosing the right paint colors, fabrics and furnishings. At the essence of interior design, it is necessary to also capture and align with the energetic blueprint of the occupants in order to achieve the juxtaposition of aesthetic appeal, functionality and environmental cohesiveness.

At Robin Landau Interiors, we provide all phases of your interior design project. Whether it is a room makeover or a complete gut and redesign of a home, we will help orchestrate and implement a wondrous spacial transformation that will invoke positive vibes for all your senses.

What is Space Clearing?  

Have you ever walked into a room and felt that the energy was heavy or stagnant or conversely, light and welcoming? Every ancient and native culture has a tradition of space clearing.

Essentially, space clearing is about shifting, uplifting and changing energy in order to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual energies of that space.

We achieve this through many techniques which include:

  • Sacred Sound

  • Sacred Geometrical Symbols

  • Smudging 

  • Feng Shui and Design Principles

What is Feng Shui?


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system for creating harmony in our surrounding home and work environments. Although there are many schools of thought, I follow Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism Feng Shui (BTB) which was brought to the U.S.A. by His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun in the early 1970’s. 


Instead of orienting the bagua to the compass as done in Classical Feng Shui, BTB orients the bagua to the entryway of a building or room. Each of the eight sectors of the bagua represents a particular area of one's life (spirituality/knowledge, career, helpful people/travel, family, health, children/creativity, wealth, fame, and relationships/marriage).

Good Feng Shui is able to transform an individual’s life, enabling him/her to secure good heath, success and prosperity, and to avoid misfortune, illness, and difficulties in daily life. The uniqueness of BTB Feng Shui is in the integration of the theory of Ch’i, (which is the invisible force that binds the universe, earth and humanity together), with healing, spirituality, and sacred transcendental solutions or cures. 

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